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About Malmö

Malmö. It starts here.

Malmö is more than a city. Malmö is meetings, food and laughter. Malmö brims with people creating experiences for others to enjoy – theatre, art and music. Malmö is the place where you’ll meet a promising young designer, a chef whose restaurant is boasting its first Michelin star, a director pushing boundaries, a band recording its first album.  Ideas and momentum flow in Malmö. You feel this flow when you visit. You feel it in our art, our music, our food. You feel it in our diversity and people. Malmö is a place where people come to fulfil their dreams. A city with room for ambition and talent – and that invites you to join in.

It is said that our city has more restaurants per head than anywhere else in Sweden. Perhaps that’s because half the population is younger than 30. Young restaurant and bistro owners around Möllevångstorget and Davidshallstorg squares experiment with influences from France, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Iran and many other nations. Cosy cafés and bars are dotted all over. When the Michelin Guide visited Malmö for the first time last year, it awarded three restaurants a Michelin star: Bloom in the Park, Ambiance à Vindåkra and Restaurang Vollmers. At the opposite end of the scale, Malmö is Sweden’s falafel capital and has excellent fast food to suit every budget.

Malmö is the industrial centre that became an academy that became a city to savour. A place where people come to make their dreams come true. A city where you will experience something new. Welcome to Malmö. It starts here.